What we can do for your project

Project marketing is the science of bringing a complex product to a fragmented market to achieve sales results.

Avanti Project Marketing has the experience, contacts and passion to deliver a streamlined sales campaign through the fastest, smoothest means possible.

In an Avanti campaign, we manage your sales process from beginning to end and make ourselves 100% accountable for results.

Within our proven model, we take development stock to appropriate channels and integrate research, planning, sales and contract management to maximise your marketing spend.

Our two-tiered strategic goal is to drive buyer enquiry and achieve sales; our conversion rates are high because we provide the best possible customer service and support throughout the sales process.

Our directors have authored some of the most effective lifestyle development sales and marketing campaigns on the east coast of Australia.

Helping us deliver is a network of the industry’s best specialists, as well as long-term associations with selected licensed real estate agents.

Avanti’s expertise and experience includes prime city living, beachside, townhouse and mixed-use projects.


This is how Avanti takes your project to the market:



We meet obligation-free and spend time establishing your objectives and studying your project. We learn from each other – you’ll understand how we can maximise your marketing and we’ll explore your development-specific requirements.


We prepare a proposal outlining a tailored sales and marketing campaign that positions your project within the market and gets your stock in front of the right buyers. This document clearly outlines all campaign objectives, inclusions, scope, budget and recommendations.


We meet to talk through the proposal in detail. You have the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas and make amendments to the campaign as required. We also finalise start dates, pricing and budgets.


You make the decision that makes all the difference and appoint Avanti Project Marketing to manage your sales campaign. Throughout the campaign, we provide thorough reporting and feedback, sales updates and a full contract management service – everything required to generate sales and present your project to the market in the best possible light.